IDS Knowledge Services

IDS Knowledge Services seek to provide a bridge between research, policy and practice in international development by delivering and supporting a range of information-sharing services, and strengthening the ability of others to do the same.

With over forty years experience in this field, we aim to help people understand and make sense of the complexities and realities of poverty and injustice, emphasizing the importance of using diverse and credible information in decision-making processes. We work closely with other knowledge brokers across the world, and with partners in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Our flagship services include the British Library of Development Studies, Europe's largest research collection on economic and social change in developing countries; BRIDGE, which supports gender advocacy and mainstreaming with print and online information services; and Eldis, a web portal sharing a broad range of publications on development research, policy and practice.

This widget enables the access to relevant contents from the IDS Open API which entails information from both BRIDGE and Eldis web portals.


How do I embed the widget on my website?

Set preferences on the "PREFERENCE" interface and click on the "GET CODE" button.
The preferences will be generated on the "YOUR WIDGET CODE" interface.
Include the Javascript on your page once, and place code the code starting with 'div' tags wherever you want the plugin to appear on your page.

How do I get access to any new updated themes/topic?

When you log in to the control panel, you will see new themes marked with a small 'NEW' icon.
You may also receive an email notification whenever a new theme is added.

How do I make a theme accessible to my audience?

On the "RESEARCH THEME" interface in the configuration panel, check the check boxes of the themes that you want accessible to the audience and click 'SYNC THEMES'.

How do I customize the widget?

On the configuration panel, you can set the width, height and results per page to display then click "GET CODE" to generate the code.
Optionally you can modify the width, height and results parameters in the embed code to suit your preference.

How do I go back to the main menu?

There is a list-like icon to the bottom left of the screen which when clicked takes you back to the screen indicating the widget's topics.

How do I sort contents?

Click the sort button and select a sort criteria from the options given. You can sort themes, documents...even search results.
After you have selected your desired sort criteria, click the sort button next to the drop down.

How do I search for contents?

Click the search icon and enter a keyword. Click the Search button next to the text field containing your search item.

How do I view usage statistics of the widget?

When logged into the control panel, go to Controls and Click Stats to view statistics.

How do I configure the widget

Log in to the configuration panel. Go to Controls and Click Control Panel.
From here you can modify the themes to be displayed on your widget and change the width, height and results to display per page.

How do I access the control panel of the widget?

The 'i' icon on the bottom left of the widget's research topics screen is a link to the widget's management site.
To configure your widget, check out FAQs or get a widget if you don't have one yet, click this icon.
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