Examples of using the IDS Knowledge Services API

We have developed a number of applications that illustrate not only the things that you can do with the Knowledge Services API, but also what information you can obtain from the Knowledge Services datasets.

Eldis Documents Region/Theme Breakdown app

  • This visualisation shows the number of documents currently published on the Eldis website for each region. By clicking on a region label you will be shown the breakdown of the documents for that region by thematic area.

    View the application here

Latest Research Documents on Eldis Mobile app

  • The mobile phone application enables you to search a number of thematic areas and return the latest documents from these subject areas. You can view the abstract of the research document and search the dataset using this application.

    View the application here

Eldis Tag Cloud generator

  • This visualisation shows the frequency of themes, keywords and countries that occur in the documents, organisation records and jobs and announcements held in the Eldis dataset.

    View the application here

Our data includes:

31893 abstracts of development documents

8250 development organisations

Organised in 28 different development themes

Covering research on 225 countries and territories

Get data from our flagship services:

BRIDGE, which supports gender advocacy and mainstreaming with print and online information services

Eldis, a web portal sharing a broad range of publications on development research, policy and practice.

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